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Operative Cadastre
Correction of Initial Registrations
Initial Registrations and Correction Deadlines
Obvious Errors
Correction with a Judicial Decision

Initial Registrations and Correction Deadlines
Initial registrations are the ones that appear in the cadastral book of a region, as transferred from the cadastral tables, after the completion of the cadastral survey and before the commencement of the Cadastre’s operation in that specific region. Every posterior registration of a right is based on the initial registrations. 
In the event of inaccurate Initial Registration, it may be challenged and corrected in whole or in part within an eight-year period ending on 31 December of the year, within which the eight-year period expires on the date of publication in the Government Gazette of the decision on the entry into force of the Cadastre in the relevant cadastral area.
For the areas of the old cadastral programs (areas declared to be under cadastral survey prior to the entry into force of Law 3481/2006), where on 30.11.2018 the correction deadline in force or its extensions at that time had not expired, as applicable, a single, universal correction deadline of 31.12.2020 is established.
The 14-year deadline and the 15-year deadline provided for in Articles 6 (par. 2) (b) of Law 2664/1998 and Article 1 (par. 3) of Law 4585/2018 for old cadastral programs are abolished.
The Law 4623/2019, Article 102, that regulates the issue of the deadline for correction of the original cadastral registrations in the cadastral areas of the country, was published in Government Gazette A 134.
Correction Procedures
The type of error the Initial registration contains also defines the correction procedure. More specifically, the law distinguishes between the cases which require an irrevocable judicial decision and the ones that are due to an obvious error and can be corrected administratively, without judicial intervention but with a decision by the Head of the Cadastral Office.
After the expiry of the deadlines mentioned above, the Initial registrations become final and they produce an irrefutable presumption, meaning changes in their content are prohibitted.
The correction deadline begins when the decision of Hellenic Cadastre, with which the entry into force of the Cadastre in the surveyed region is decided, is published in the Government Gazette.
Properties recorded to belong to an “Unknown Owner”
Properties (or rights on properties) which for any reason were not declared during the cadastral survey are recorded in the cadastral database as belonging to an “Unknown Owner”. For the correction of the initial registrations of “Unknown Owner” into a known owner, the same procedures –judicial or administrative correspondingly depending on the case– with the ones for the erroneous registrations stand. Specifically, the interested party should comply with the correction procedures that are laid down, after he/she has already located their property.
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