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Infrastructure Projects
Hellenic Positioning System - HEPOS

Hellenic Positioning System - HEPOS


The Hellenic Positioning System HEPOS is a genuinely innovative infrastructure project, which allows high accuracy satellite-based positioning, utilising the existing Global Positioning System (GPS). Thus, homogenous and accurate topographic measurements are achieved nationwide in a faster and more cost-effective way.


HEPOS was developed in-house by NCMA S.A. (now Hellenic Cadastre)  to the development of the Hellenic Cadastre. Yet, it can be used for a great number of other applications in the fields of Topography, Geodesy, Cartography, Construction Engineering, etc., in which accuracy at a centimetre level is of high importance. Consequently, HEPOS is addressed to a wide range of interested parties, such as Public Services and Bodies, Surveying Engineers and generally professionals of geosciences, private engineering contractors, constructors, academic and research institutions, etc.


HEPOS consists of a network of 98 permanent satellite reference stations and a Control Centre located at the facilities of Hellenic Cadastre.


The Control Centre processes the reference stations’ data and sends the data needed for the accurate positioning of their location to the users.


HEPOS can be used both for real-time and post-processing applications.



HEPOS Services


To make use of the HEPOS services you need to register with the system for a lump sum of 120 Euros per user permit.


For more information about the services provided, the registration procedure and the pricelist you can click here.

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