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Infrastructure Projects
Projects of the 3rd CSF

NCMA S.A. (now Hellenic Cadastre) has implemented a series of supporting actions under the title “Data and I.T. Infrastructure for a modern Cadastre” along the lines of the “Information Society” Operational Plan, part of the 3rd Community Support Framework (CSF).


The actions’ overall budget came up to 79.670.000 € (excluding VAT) and was co-financed with 50% by the EU and 50% by the GreekState.


The goal of the co-financed projects of the 3rd CSF, which introduced a new managerial approach and utilized the latest technological developments, was to organize and prepare the continuance and completion of the Hellenic Cadastre in a more effective and inexpensive way.

The 3rd CSF projects comprised the following supporting actions:



Development of a Digital Database of the “active” titles coming from the Land Registry Offices in urban centres


The action involved the development and maintenance of a digital database that contained all data included in the ownership declarations submitted in 107 regions of the State. This database is called “active titles database” because it recorded all valid rights on real estate properties standing today in these regions.


The ratification of the collected rights was performed with cadastral survey projects that will not be financed by the 3rd CSF.


Hellenic Positioning System - HEPOS


This system made use of GPS technologies so that for every measurement performed using this system the co-ordinates of a point within Greece was determined in minimal time, at a low cost and with high accuracy (2-4 cm in real time).

The HEPOS system was used as the base for the cadastral survey in 107 regions of the country. At the same time, it also served the needs for the development of the Hellenic Cadastre in the following years. 



Digitisation and conversion of existing maps / registers


Digitisation of data from land consolidations and re-distributions for the entire State

This action aimed at the development of a digital database that contains all cadastral data included in the land consolidations and re-distributions of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

Digitisation of the Dodecanese Cadastre

The cadastral survey data of the Dodecanese Cadastre (Rhodes, Kos and part of the LerosIslands) were digitised and automated in such a way so that were compatible with the Hellenic Cadastre database. At the same time, the content of the developed database faithfully represents the respective analog information of the Special Dodecanese Cadastre, without correcting spatially or improving the content of its data at any phase.    


Development of Unified National Basemaps


The basemaps required for the new cadastral surveys were developed using geometrically (ortho) rectified images with high spatial analysis and accuracy.


  • Colour digital orthophotomaps with a pixel size of a 20cm rate are produced for the major urban areas of every prefecture


  • Digital orthophotomaps with a pixel size of approximately 50 cm are produced for the entire State


Collection of suggestive / indicative data for the facilitation of the cadastral survey procedure



Delineation of forests and forest areas for the entire country


Forests and forests areas were delineated based on aerial photographs from 1945 / 1960 and recent basemaps. The outcome was a preliminary product that facilitated the development of forest maps. 


Development of unified national basemaps appropriate for the delineation of coastal zones

Development of appropriate basemaps for the delineation of coastal zones.



Development of IT infrastructure

The actions of this measure aimed at improving and updating the IT infrastructure of NCMA S.A. (now Hellenic Cadastre), so that it becomes the means for the management of the various projects.

The internet services that were developed are addressed to citizens (online submission of ownership declarations with the ability to identify the location of the property on a basemap) as well as to contractors of cadastral surveys (online application of registering and processing ownership declarations).






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