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Infrastructure Projects

Unified basemaps for the entire country

A significant / great digital mapping database


A significant mapping infrastructure for the entire country was developed by NCMA S.A. (now Hellenic Cadastre) with the assistance of the 3rd CSF to cover the needs for the development of the Hellenic Cadastre.


This involved the production of coloured orthophotomaps of high accuracy that enable the distinct identification of the properties’ location as well as the properties’ representation within the framework of the Hellenic Cadastre’s development. More specifically:


  • Colour digital orthophotomaps with a pixel size of a 20cm rate will be produced for the major urban areas of every prefecture
  • Digital orthophotomaps with a pixel size of approximately 50 cm will be produced for the entire State


Furthermore, the specific orthophotomaps can serve as a model basemap that can cover the needs of other public or private bodies which manage, obtain or produce spatial / mapping data.



What Orthophotomaps are


Orthophotomaps are the main basemap of the Hellenic Cadastre. Not only do they have the same geometric features with a common map but they also present the qualitative information of photographs. An orthophotomap can be supplemented with any kind of mapping information (road networks, real estate properties, local area names, number of properties etc.).


Real property owners can easily identify the location of their property during the cadastral survey procedure using an orthophotomap, because its appearance is familiar to people since it represents reality in the same way this is represented in a photograph.



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