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Infrastructure Projects
NSRF Projects (2007-2013)


Incorporation of 26 projects to the
National Strategic Reference Framework 2007-2013



NCMA SA (now Hellenic Cadastre) implemented 26 projects in the context of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007-2013, with the total budget of 57,3 million, and co-financing by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the "Digital Convergence" Operational Programme.
These projects fall within broader operational objectives, namely: the advancement of a) the development of forest maps; and b) the cadastral surveying for the rest of the Country.
The main lines of action of these 26 projects included:
(A) Action "Development of services and spatial data infrastructure for the protection of forests and forestlands" involving the development of forest maps in the regions of the attached Table. The action included 19 projects with a total budget of € 39,108,582.62 and it covered 38% of the Country’s area and more specifically in the areas shown in the table below:
Table of Regions under Forest Maps Development
For these areas, on the basis of the preparedness of the competent forestry services, the web services of forest map suspension (Http://gis.ktimanet.gr/wms/forestsuspension/default.aspx) and submission of objections (Http://gis.ktimanet.gr/wms/forestobjections/) are provided.
(B) Action " Compilation of the preliminary cadastral basemaps and development of the cadastral database for public presentation (suspension) in areas of the second generation of cadastral surveys in Greece” involving the development of preliminary cadastral basemaps and the development of cadastral database for public presentation" in areas of 1) Eligible Regional Units (regions of Pure Convergence), and (2) the Attica region.
This action included 7 projects with a total budget of € 18.208.639,85 and was implemented in the areas presented in the following table:
For these areas the digital services of public presentation and inspection of the first registrations have been made available















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