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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ
Cadastral Survey
1. Who has the obligation to submit a declaration to the Cadastre?

Every person or legal entity that has real property or a registrable right on real property is obliged to submit a declaration to the Cadastre. Specifically, all of the following are obliged to submit a declaration: every property owner who has a full or limited ownership right, every beneficiary of usufruct or any other personal or real easement (of any content), beneficiaries of a property assurance, seizure, registrable legal action, registrable lease (timesharing, financing or one lasting more than 9 years) and every beneficiary of a right that is registrable according to provisions of Law 2308/1995. All who manage real estate properties that are not their own (e.g. a will administrator, a bankruptcy trustee, a vacant succession administrator, a will executor, a real estate property administrator etc.) are also obliged to submit a declaration.



2. I wish to submit an ownership declaration to the Cadastre. What should I do (necessary documents, deadlines etc.)
3. When will the variable cadastral survey fee of 1‰ be paid? Will it be paid by each beneficiary or by all of them (i.e. will it be apportioned)?
4. How is usucaption declared? What are the documents needed?
5. What is considered as an auxiliary space? When are the storage rooms and parking spaces declared as a separate right (so one needs to pay for them)?
6. I have a right to build (“aeras”) on a property. Is this declared to the Cadastre?
7. Can I submit an ownership declaration to the Cadastre for a right I have with a preliminary agreement?
8. I have submitted a declaration to the Cadastre and now I want to sell my property. Is it necessary to attach a cadastral certificate?
9. Can I declare a right on a property I have acquired by virtue of inheritance, even if there is no acceptance of the inheritance (or any other equivalent deed, e.g. a certificate of inheritance)?
11. What area is defined as rural and how can I find out if the area of my interest is characterised as rural?
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