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Forest Maps
Forest Map Suspension
What the citizen needs to know
Regions to be suspended & ratified forest maps
Method to submit an objection
Requirements and necessary supporting documents
Special duty to lodge an objection
Suspension and Electronic Submission of objections

What the citizen needs to know

Pursuant to Law 4389/2016, the competence for posting of Forest Maps and all the relevant works up to the ratification of the forest map lies at the competent Forest Authority of each Decentralized Administration.


In this context, Hellenic Cadastre took full advantage of new technologies and created a new special application for the posting of Forest Maps online. In this way, all citizens and organizations have direct access to the content of the Forest Map and can easily, simply and quickly be informed whether the area is a forest or a non-forest land. This new online application gives the opportunity to submit objections and pay a special duty electronically.



By decision of the Coordinator of each Decentralized Administration, Forest Map Posting Points (FMPP) are established in each region, providing information to any interested party.



Forest Map Posting Points (FMPP): 

The Forest Map is posted exclusively electronically on the Hellenic Cadastre website, following a decision of the Forest Authority.



For any question concerning the posting or submission of objections of the forest map, contact the competent Forest Map Posting Points (FMPP) of your region.


To see the established FMPP by region with the address and contact details for the Suspension of B΄Semester, click here.


To see the established FMPP by region with the address and contact details for the Suspension of Α΄Semester, click here.​ 






The deadline for submitting objections or obvious error correction applications against the content of the posted Forest Map is one hundred and five (105) days from the date specified in the call for submission of objections issued by the competent Forest Authority. This deadline shall be extended by twenty (20) days for expatriates.


The objections shall be submitted exclusively on the Hellenic Cadastre website via special electronic form through the online application for submission of objections or obvious error correction applications. Obvious error correction applications can also be submitted to the competent Forest Authority


The submission of objections against the content of the posted Forest Map solely regards the character or the form of an area displayed on the Forest Map and not its ownership status.


Requests for correction of obvious errors concern only the provided for in paragraph A of the Ministerial Decision No. 153394/919/12-4-2017 (Government Gazette 1366B).





Any person or legal entity, as well as the Greek State and the 1st and 2nd Degree Local Authorities, which have a legitimate interest, may submit objections and obvious error correction applications, against the content of the Forest Map. In particular, an objection may be submitted either because an area is classified as forestland, grassland, rocky or stony (whereas it is not one) or conversely because an area was not classified as forestland, grassland, rocky or stony by omission (whereas it is one) in the Forest Map.


If some forestland, grassland, rocky or stony area is not included in the Forest Map, an objection or obvious error correction application may be submitted by any person or legal entity and in particular by the Greek State, the 1st and 2nd Degree Local Authorities, in the administrative boundary lines of which belongs the area, as well as by environmental organizations and other non-profit legal entities, the objects of which include the protection of the natural environment.


 - The objections shall be submitted for all or part of forestland / grassland areas within a parcel / polygon, on which the interested party  invokes its legitimate interest. One objection shall be submitted for each parcel, except when for a part of the disputed area no charge for the submission of objections applies.


 - In cases where the interested party intends to dispute more than one autonomous areas, one shall fill out and submit as many electronic objection forms as the areas whose status is disputed and shall pay the corresponding special duty for each area.



 - Objections due to failure to reflect administrative acts on the Forest Map (eg.  final Acts of Characterization and decision in accordance with the Article 14 of Law 998/79, urban plans and settlement provided for in par. 2a and 2b of Article 23 of Law 3889/10, Distribution etc), shall be excluded from the payment of a special duty. The objections against a part relating to pending requests and matters of the procedure, provided for in the Article 14 Ν.998/79, shall be also excluded from the payment of a special duty. In case of free of charge submission of objections, they will not be submitted via the online application, but the interested parties have to attend the competent FMPP, within the relevant deadline, and provide the relevant supporting documents for the objections to be registered exceptionally by the staff of FMPP.​


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