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Forest Maps
Forest map and Cadastre

Hellenic Cadastre has carried out studies for the development of Forest Maps that cover total Regional Units and many Pre-Kapodistrias Municipalities/Communities, expanding over 71.876.755 stremmas which is 54,58% of Greek territory.

Visit the Search Engine Machine of Regions under Cadastral Survey on the top of the greek Home Page to be informed about forest mapping in all areas.

In particular, Hellenic Cadastre has launched and completed the following forest mapping programs:

1. Forest Mapping Program of the Pilot Programs of National Cadastre

The program refers to the forest mapping regarding 323 pre-Kapodistrias Municipalities/Communities, comprising a total area of 7.521.711  stremmas which is 5,71% of Greek territory.

2. Forest Mapping Program in 113 Municipalities/Communities (Forest Map)

The program refers to the forest mapping regarding 113 pre-Kapodistrias Municipalities/Communities, widespread all over the country, especially in urban areas and peri-urban areas of Athens and Thessaloniki, comprising a total area of 3.545.226 stremmas which is 2,69%  of Greek territory.

3. Forest Mapping Program in regions of the Attica Prefecture (Forest Map 10)

The program refers to the forest mapping regarding 46 pre-Kapodistrias Municipalities/Communities of Attica comprising a total area of 1.574.473 stremmas which is 1,20% of Greek territory. The Attica Prefecture is now totally covered with forest maps.

4.  Forest Mapping Program in 11 Regional Units (Forest Map D4)

The program is co-financed by “Digital Convergence” Operational Program - NCRF (2007-2013) and its budget is 37.2 million euros. It refers to the forest mapping regarding the total area of 11 Regional Units, comprising a total area of 34.766.735 stremmas which is 26,40% of Greek territory:



Xalkidiki (except Mount Athos)










The regions included in the program have been mostly afflicted by the disastrous wildfires in 2007 or include extended parts of environmental inter


5.Forest Mapping Program in 79 Greek Regions (Forest Map D5)​

The program refers to the forest mapping regarding 79 regions (Municipalities/Communities) of the 268 Regions-Program and its budget is 1.7 million euros. Of those regions, 9 Municipalities/Communities belonging to the following Regional Units, have already been assigned and completed:

Voitia (Sximatari)

Kozani (Kariditsa, Koila, Krokos, Leykovrisi, Proastio)

Serres (Eptamila, Leykonas, Neoxori)

The estimated area of these regions comes up to 140.900 stremmas which is 0,11% of Greek territory.

6. Forest Mapping Program in 10 Regional Units (Forest Map D6)

Hellenic Cadastre in order to precipitate the cadastral survey procedure, has launched in March 2012 a forest mapping program regarding the total area of 10 Regional Units. The following Regional Units have been assigned and completed:









The estimated area of these regions comes up to 24.327.709 stremmas​ which is 18,47% of Greek territory.


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