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Forest Maps
New Institutional Framework


Changes were introduced to the process of drawing up and ratification of the Forest Map, by Article 153 "Amendment and completion of Law 3889/2010 (A` 182)" of Law 4389/2016 (Government Gazette 94Α).


According to these changes, the competent Directorate of Forests of the Decentralized Administration of the Prefecture is empowered to draw up and implement all projects until the ratification of the forest map.

In particular, provisions are made for exclusively electronic posting of the Forest Map on the website of Hellenic Cadastre, following the certification by the competent Directorate of Forests. The publicity of the forest map, achieved by its posting, allows any person to become aware of its content and to challenge the nature or the form and / or the land position imprinted on it.

The posting includes the certified Forest Map, the historical orthophotomap depicting polygons of the forest areas, identified by the elements of image interpretation of the older aerial photographs and the decision of posting the forest map, which includes the notice-invitation to submit objections in respect of its content.

Besides, provisions are made for the exclusively electronic submission of objections in respect of the content of the Forest Map.  For this purpose, the Hellenic Cadastre has designed and developed a new version of a web application providing the electronic form for the submission of the objections and the computation of the corresponding special fee.


Furthermore, the Hellenic Cadastre has designed, developed and operates a special web application, which provides all the municipalities of the country with access to the single basemap, used in the development of forest maps for digital recording of the limits, provided for in the par. 2a (approved), 2b (unapproved) and 4 (inhabited localities) of Article 23 of the above Law.​



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