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Cadastral Survey
Suspension of Cadastral data
Regions in Suspension/Pre-Suspension
What should a citizen do during Suspension
How to read the Suspension's Excerpt
Correction Requests / Appeals - Deadlines & Forms of Suspension
Electronic Suspension of Cadastral data
Following Suspension, what changes in Property Declaration procedure


Pre-Suspension precedes Suspension and aims to inform property right holders about the recorded property data during the first stage of the survey, in order to be verified by them and to submit, if needed, Reexamination Application Forms.

The data of Pre-Suspension are available at the website www.ktimatologio.gr  - e-ΚΤΗΜΑΤΟΛΟΓΙΟ Ηλεκτρονικές Υπηρεσίες, within a period of 2 months. Property right holders can submit a Reexamination Application Form, in case they disagree with the recorded data. The application, which is without cost, must be sent, by mail, at the electronic address that appears in the field «Επικοινωνία», or, in case this is not possible, to submit it in each region’s Cadastral Office.
After Pre-Suspension, follows the procession of the Reexamination Application Forms, the adjustment of cadastral data and finally the Suspension.


Participating in the procedure of  Pre-Suspension, is particularly important, as it ensures that your property rights are recorded accurately in the Cadastre, so you will avoid any further trouble in the future correcting these.  


Please visit the Search Engine Machine on the top of the greek Home Page to be informed about the regions under Pre-Suspension. 

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