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Cadastral Survey
Suspension of Cadastral data
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Electronic Suspension of Cadastral data
Following Suspension, what changes in Property Declaration procedure

What is Suspension

The Suspension of cadastral data (tables and graphs) is a particularly important point in the process of drafting the National Land Registry. It is through this posting that the recording of property declared during the first stage of the survey, and subsequently processed by lawyers and topographers, is made public. This way, everyone is given the opportunity to verify, confirm or even correct possible errors.


At first, the Suspension includes those who already have submitted a Declaration, but at the same time, property rights holders who, for whatever reason, had not yet submitted a Declaration, have yet another chance to record their rights, thus avoiding any unnecessary future inconvenience.


The Suspension of the interim cadastral data (tables and charts) takes place in each region’s Cadastral Office for a period of two months. The starting date for this two-month period is individually set for each region, and interested parties are duly informed through the Press by Hellenic Cadastre.


The Suspension consists of:



a)     The Cadastral Table, which includes all property rights for a region, as substantiated by deeds and other data collected during the survey process. The table is organized according to “KAEK” (National Cadastre Code Number), which is a number unique to each property.


b)     The Cadastral Chart, where the geometrical data of properties is shown (position, limits).


This stage includes the submission and consideration of appeals and applications for correction, as well as the corresponding rectifications to the cadastral tables.



Upon its completion, interim cadastral data are finalized, the cadastral survey is completed and the National Cadastre begins to operate in place of the Land Registry.

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