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Hellenic Cadastre
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Hellenic Cadastre
With a joint decision of the Minister of Economy and Finance and the Minister of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works (Decision 81706/6085/6-10-1995/Government Gazette 872Β/19-10-1995), the NATIONAL CADASTRE company was founded as a Legal Entity of Private Law and its mission was the study, development and operation of the Hellenic Cadastre. NATIONAL CADASTRE operated according to the rules of private finance and the provisions of article 5 of Law 2229/1994, of the coded Law 2190/1920, of Law 2308/1995 and Law Ν.2664/1998.
By the Law 4164/2013 the company was renamed to NATIONAL CADASTRE & MAPPING AGENCY  S.A. The sole shareholder of the company was the Ministry of Environment and Energy.
The Law No. 4512/2018 (5 / A '/ 17.1.2018) established the Legal Entity of Public Law "Hellenic Cadastre" as the universal successor of the "National Cadastre & Mapping Agency SA" (NCMA SA). It is subject to supervision by the Ministry of Environment and Energy and its purpose is to ensure the reliability, publicity and availability of spatial and legal real estate data and to ensure public credit and transaction security in relation to these data.   
Both the work of the cadastral survey of the whole country, as well as the organization and operation of the Cadastre institution are the responsibility of the Hellenic Cadastre. Specifically, the "Hellenic Cadastre" is responsible for:
Ø The preparation, maintenance, updating and operation of the National Cadastre in accordance with Laws No. 2308/1995 and 2664/1998.
ØThe maintenance, updating and operation of the Transfer and Mortgage system in the Cadastral Survey Offices and Branches, which will be gradually established in accordance with the decisions of paragraph 7 of article 1 of Law No. 4512/2018.
Ø The preparation, updating, maintenance and revision of basic and derivative topographic maps and topographical charts.
Ø The design, development, organization, operation and management of systems necessary for the creation and management of geodetic material related to its purpose.
Ø The planning, execution and control of photogrammetric and remote sensing projects from aerial photography and satellite imagery to final performance, to meet the needs of the Agency, the Greek State, Local Government Organizations and Legal Entities of Public Law.
Ø The organization and maintenance of digital geospatial databases.

288 Messogion Ave., 155 62 Athens

Tel.: +30 2106505600
Fax: +30 2106537723

Thessaloniki's Branch Office:

136 Tsimiski Str., 546 21 Thessaloniki

Tel.: + 30 2310370500
Fax: +30 2310370513
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Headquarters NATIONAL CADASTRE & MAPPING AGENCY S.A.: 288 Messogion Ave., 155 62 Athens, Tel.: +30 2106505600, Fax: +30 2106505949

Thessaloniki Regional Centre: 136 Tsimiksi Str., 546 21 Thessaloniki, Tel.: + 30 2310370500, Fax: +30 2310370513
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