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Law 3481/2006
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Law 3481/2006
Law 3481/2006 set the Hellenic Cadastre on new foundations with regard both to the cadastral survey, since the law simplifies and speeds up the survey’s completion and ensures at the same time the project’s financing, and to the implementation of the Cadastre’s institution.
More analytically, the most important changes that this legislative amendment brought about are the following:
  1. The time and cost of the cadastral survey procedure are reduced. The second public presentation (suspension of data) is abolished and the relevant processes are merged in the context of a single public presentation (suspension). The collected data will be cross-checked and verified. Following that, they will be publicly presented (suspended) only once, so that the interested parties can submit either correction applications for simple (obvious) mistakes, or objections to be judged by a committee, in which a judicial officer will be presiding.

  2. The correction procedure for the so-called “obvious mistakes” of the initials registrations is simplified. Following a simple application filed by the interested party to the Head of the competent Cadastral Office, the latter can correct the so-called obvious mistakes, which refer to any detail of the registration and mainly to the beneficiary, the right, the ownership title and the real property, observing certain conditions which guarantee that the correction does not involve any arbitrary modifications.

  3. The procedure of judicial correction of the registrations referring to an “unknown owner” is accelerated and simplified. In case a citizen does not submit an ownership declaration during the cadastral survey procedure, their property is registered in the Hellenic Cadastre flagged to belong to an “UNKNOWN OWNER”. Provided the beneficiary holds official legal deeds, he/she can request the correction of the relevant registration even after the completion of the cadastral survey. Up to now, the correction was possible only through a strict, expensive and time-consuming judicial procedure. Corrections of this type will be now performed through a simple and timesaving procedure of “voluntary jurisdiction”, in which the court decides upon the correction request without any litigation and the procedure is completed in a very short period of time. This way, the guarantee of judicial control is maintained and transactions are facilitated.

  4. The project’s financing is assured. The cost of the Cadastre is estimated at about 1.5 billion Euros. Since it is no longer financed by the European Union, we proceeded with the self-financing of the project with a realistic and just “cadastral fee”. Furthermore, the State will contribute to the project an amount of about 260 million Euros.
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