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Postal of Cadastral Survey in the municipalities of Kavala, Nestos and Paggaio of the Regional Unit of Kavala in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace "Check, confirm, correct"

On Friday 27 October 2017, the Posting of Cadastral Data starts in the local authorities of Amygdaleonas, Zygos, Koryfes, Kryoneri, Limnia, N. Karvali, P. Kavala, Polynero, Chalkero of Kallikratis Municipality of Kavala, in the local authorities of Ag. Kosmas, Gerontas, Gravouni, Dipotamos, Dysvato, Elafochori, Erateino, Zarkadia, Kechrokampos, Lekani, Makrychori, Perni, Petropigi, Platamonas, Pontolivado, Chrysoupoli, Chrysochori of the Kallikratis Municipality of Nestos and in the local authorities of Akropotamos, Amisiana, Antifilippoi, Avli, Domatia, Elaiochori, Kipia, Kokkinochoma, Melissokomeio, Mesia, Mesoropi, Moustheni, Myrtofyto, Orfano, Paggaio, Palaiochori, Platanotopos, Podochori, Sidirochori, Folea, Chrysokastro of Kallikratis Municipality of Paggaio of Regional Unit of Kavala in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

Anyone with a legitimate interest may make an application to correct or appeal against posted data at the competent Cadastral Survey Office within two (2) months of the above date.
For expatriates and the Greek State the deadline is four (4) months.
In particular, for the application for correction of a manifest error, the submission deadline is until 13 November 2018. Until the same date, overdue declarations may also be submitted.
To better serve rightholders, excerpts from the Cadastral Tables and Charts have been sent to them by post to the contact address declared by each citizen.
Through Posting, owners of real property are able to check that their ownership is registered and correct any errors. This process ensures that the cadastral survey will be completed properly and there will be no problems in the subsequent operation of the Cadastre.
Therefore, at this stage the participation of citizens is essential in order to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future.
After completion of Posting, including the submission and examination of correction requests / complaints and the corresponding correction in cadastral tables, the final cadastral data and the Initial Registrations of the Cadastre are produced, and the Cadastral Survey Office starts to operate in this area instead of the Land Registry Office.


Electronic Posting of cadastral survey


When posting begins, rightholders will also be able to see data relating to them electronically through the Cadastre website www.ktimatologio.gr at the e-KTIMATOLOGIO Online Services portal.


The rightholders can see the details of Posting either by using the security codes of taxisnet applications or after creating (if this has not already been done) their personal Cadastre code and entering the "three keys" included in the declaration receipt. If taxisnet codes are used, they will see all properties of the regions, which are posted and linked with their TIN.


The online submission of the request for the correction of Personal data is also supported through the special "Posting application" at the Cadastresection of Online Services. The three keysto access this service are: Declaration Registration Number, Personal Code Number and Property Code Number, which are recorded on the Submission of Declaration receipt.
Addresses of Cadastral Survey Offices
1)   For the local authorities of the Kallikratis Municipality of Kavala: 2 Mitropolitou Chrysostomou & Ethnikis Antistaseos Str., Kavala, 65403, tel. 2510220100.




2)   For the local authorities of the Kallikratis Municipality of Nestos: Xanthis & Pavlou Mela (former IKA), Chrysoupoli, 64200, tel. 2591022777.




3)   For the local authorities of the Kallikratis Municipality of Paggaio: 7 Dimitriou Dimadi & Thermopylon, Eleftheroupoli, 64100, tel. 2592021000.
Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 08:00 to 16:00 and every Wednesday from 08:00 to 20:00




Information is provided from Monday to Friday at 210-6505600


from 8:30 to 15:30


or visit the website www.ktimatologio.gr

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