23:58   Thursday, 15 November 2018
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The Cadastral Survey Office of Piraeus (for the Municipality of Piraeus) and the Cadastral Survey Office of Samos (for the Local Administrative District of Samos of the Municipality of Vathy) have started their operation

Since yesterday, 31 August 2017, the Municipality of Piraeus has been included in the Cadastre’s operation.

Piraeus is the second largest municipality of the country, operating under the Cadastre, after the municipality of Thessaloniki, with more than 300,000 registered rights. The services of the relevant Cadastral Survey Offices of Piraeus and Thessaloniki are under the administrative authority of the Ministry of Environment and Energy.
At the same time, yesterday the Local Administrative District of Samos of the Municipality of Vathy of the Prefecture of Samos (now Municipal Community of Samos of Municipal Unit of Vathy of Municipality of Samos of Regional Unit of Samos at the Prefecture of Northern Aegean) was included in the Cadastre’s operation and the Land Registry Office of Samos today operates as a Cadastral Office for the same area.


Henceforth, the right holders of property in the above municipalities, for all their transactions, shall be addressed to the relevant Cadastral Survey Office instead of the Land Registry Office.


Within seven (7) years, the holders of registered rights, residents of Greece, expatriates, and the Greek State can correct the initial registrations of properties in those areas in relation with the undeclared rights during cadastral survey or other errors. It should be noted that the seven-year period is in force since the publication in the Government Gazette of the decision of the Minister of Environment and Energy on the commencement of operation of the Cadastre.
After expiry of the deadline, registrations in the Cadastre become final and provide an irrefutable presumption in favor of those registered in the Cadastre, i.e. any change in their content is excluded. For these areas, one month after the office is in operation, right holders can check their registration details (property, right, title) through the application "Online Services - Cadastral Survey Final Data - Initial Registrations on the website of NCMA SA. (www.ktimatologio.gr)
Contact details of the Cadastral Survey Office of Piraeus:
170 Ypsilantou Str., Piraeus, P.C.: 18535,
Tel.:  210-4297940, Fax: 210-4297949 
Contact details of the Cadastral Survey Office of Samos:
Komvos (junction) of Malagario, Samos, P.C.: 83100,
Tel.:  22730-81466, Fax: 22730 80804
Hours of operation for:
a) Collection of the deeds for registration to be registered: 8:30 - 13:00
b) Delivery of certificates: 8:30 - 14:00
c) Data search in the cadaster books: 10:00 - 14:00
For information visit www.ktimatologio.gr or call at 210 6505600


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