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  Collection of cadastral survey declarations expanded to Regional Unit of Evros13/03/2015

Following a decision by the National Cadastre and Mapping Agency S.A. (NCMA) (BoD No 613/3/17.02.2015), collection of cadastral survey declarations will begin Tuesday 3 March 2015 for those with ownership rights to properties located within the boundaries of pre-Kapodistrian Local Administration Organisations in the Kallikratis Municipalities of Alexandroupoli, Samothrace and Soufli of the Regional Unit of Evros, Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. The property beneficiaries must submit their declarations to the cadastral office in the area in which their property is located, or online through the cadastre website (www.ktimatologio.gr). 

 Collection of cadastral survey declarations expanded to Pella and Trikala regions13/03/2015
 The collection of cadastral survey declarations expands in the prefectures of Kozani, Arcadia and Argolis17/07/2014

By decision of the National Cadastre & Mapping Agency S.A. (Board of Directors No 595/decisions 7-10/24.6.2014), the collection of cadastral survey declarations begins on 7 July, with anyone having a right to real property located in pre-Kapodistrias municipalities in the Regional Unit of Kozani and the Regional Unit of Argolis and Arcadia being invited to submit declarations for their real property either at the Cadastral Survey Office in the region where their real property is located or online at the Cadastre website (www.ktimatologio.gr)

 Broad round table meeting of the Hellenic Cadastre stakeholders and the Task Force24/12/2013

A broad range round table meeting of all main Hellenic Cadastre stakeholders and the Task Force experts, took place in Athens on December 18th, 2013.  In that meeting, in addition to the above bodies, participated the General Secretary of the Environment, Energy & Climate Change, Mr. Socratis Alexiadis, the General Secretary of Public Property, Mr. Avraam Gounaris, the General Secretary of Information Systems, Mr. Haralampos Tsavdaris, representative of the Ministry of Justice, representatives of domestic professional bodies (notaries, lawyers, surveyors, engineers etc.) and the Directors of the National Cadastre & Mapping Agency S.A. (NCMA S.A)

 Article by the Chairman of the BoD and Managing Director of NCMA S.A., Mr. D. Kaloudiotis, published in the newspaper titled “KATHIMERINI”02/12/2013

The National Cadastre can be completed

The Cadastre has become somewhat of a national commitment. During the period after the fall of the military junta it has been set as an achievable strategic objective. It was high time. It is after all a basic feature of any modern state that both private and public property is administered under the same terms regarding its legality.

The citizens regard that the progress of the implementation of the cadastre has been insufficient, and rightly so. This public perception must change. We have finally met the conditions required for the implementation of the cadastral survey and for the operation of a fully organized National Cadastre until 2020.

 Extension of the deadline for the correction of Initial Registrations01/11/2013

The deadline for the correction of initial cadastral registrations in the areas of the first pilot cadastral survey projects of the period 1997-2000 has been extended by two years. Thus, a twelve-year (instead of ten-year) deadline is set for persons residing in Greece and a fourteen-year  (instead of twelve-year) deadline is set for persons permanently residing or permanently working abroad, so that they correct in whole or in part the Initial Registration regarding their property. 

 The whole of Greece in the National Cadastre01/11/2013

Picture2.jpgWith the slogan “In an organised, fast manner and with Respect for the Citizen”, the Minister for the Environment, Energy & Climate Change, Mr. Yannis Maniatis, presented the proclamation of the new large-scale program of cadastral survey for the rest of the country, at a press conference he gave on the 1st of October 2013, in the presence of the Secretary General for Land Planning & Urban Environment, Mr. Sokratis Alexiadis, and the Chairman and Managing Director of the company “National Cadastre and Mapping Agency S.A." (EKXA S.A.), Mr. Dimitris Kaloudiotis.

 The new law on the National Cadastre - The cadastral survey and operation procedures are improved 01/11/2013

At a time when the reorganisation of the public sector of our country and the improvement of its competitive position in the international environment constitute a primary -national- objective, the National Cadastre, as a key development tool, enters into a new phase, further improving the conditions of operation and application of the institution with the passing of Law 4164/2013 about “Supplementation of the provisions governing the National Cadastre and other regulations” (Gov. Gazette 156/A΄/09.07.2013).

 Nine new Cadastral Offices for 350.000 beneficiaries to begin operations29/07/2013

Nine provincial capitals to be placed in cadastral operation in the coming days. These are the cities of Sparta, Nafplio, Tripoli, Corinth, Preveza, Igoumenitsa, Zante, Larisa and Karditsa (previous Local Government Organizations under the Kapodistrias Reform Plan). About 700.000 rights have been registered in these areas, corresponding to approximately 350.000 beneficiaries. 


 See statement of the Minister

 The new Law on the National Cadastre19/07/2013

Law 4164/2013 (Hellenic Government Gazette Issue A 156, 9.7.2013)



The new Law on the National Cadastre, which was recently published in the Hellenic Government Gazette, includes significant regulations securing public property but also making transactions of citizens easier both in the context of cadastral registration procedures as well as of the operation of the Cadastre.


 Two awards for Ktimatologio SA at Business IT Excellence Awards 201318/07/2013

For a second consecutive year Ktimatologio SA was awarded for best practices in the utilization of Information & Communication Technologies at Business IT Excellence Awards 2013. The categories in which it was awarded are: “Awards to enterprises for Best Utilization/Use of Information Technologies” for Internet Applications and “Awards for E-Government Projects and Initiatives” for the Procedure Redesign.


 Launching of the Suspension Program for year 2013, encompassing 26 areas throughout the country and titled “Verifying, Confirming, Correcting”05/04/2013

The suspension of cadastral data concerning 26 additional areas will be conducted within the year 2013. It includes 9 LGOs within the Regional Unit of Thessaloniki, 10 Prefecture capitals and 7 LGOs within the Prefecture of Attica. The first Suspension will commence on 15 April and shall concern eight Municipalities within the Regional Unit of Thessaloniki and four Prefecture capitals in Northern Greece and gradually the suspension of data related to the remaining areas will follow. The Suspension related to the first 12 areas affects 275,000 beneficiaries (ca. 656,000 titles and rights), while in the 26 areas for which a Suspension will be conducted until the end of the year ca. 2.7 million titles and rights of ca. 1.1 million beneficiaries have been recorded.  


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